Apple’s Lock Activation / Apple's Find My iPhone

Apple Find My iPhone iCloud Services

You should be familiar with Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone or iPad. This is one of the most popular options to use Activation Lock which has been specifically developed to protect the Apple Devices and Apple Watches against theft and losing data.

How To Remove Apple Id From Stolen Phones?

If you have lost your iPhone then you have Apple's Find My iPhone service that offers a unique feature called iCloud Lock and also known as Lock Activation.

This option is officially used to prevent others users from using a lost or stolen iPhone/iPad. This feature is automatically enabled when you use Lock Activation in iOS 7 or the latest version and you already have enabled Find My iPhone on your device.

When the Apple’s Lock feature is already activated on your iPhone, then you have to input your Apple ID and Password in order to:

  • Turn Find My iPhone OFF on your iPhone device,
  • Totally erase your device memory,
  • Re-activate your iPhone device and to use it.

Your Apple iPhone Device is already far more protected if Lost or Stolen and there you got greater chances to recover your Stolen Apple Device.

For this, you just need to login Find My iPhone service in your iPhone or iPad and remember your Apple ID and Password.

Follow the below given information about the process of Apple Find My iPhone:

How To Use Find My iPhone?

Your Apple ID is already safely stored on Apple's servers when you first enable it on your Apple Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and then always be associated with your device.

How To Turn ON Find My Device?

Your Apple ID and Password will always be required if you want to disable the :
  • Apple Find My iPhone feature
  • Completely erase the device
  • Re-activate it to use it again.

Perform the given following steps to enable Find My iPhone service on your Apple device:
  • First of all, open your IOS Settings.
  • Next step is to choose the iCloud Find My iPhone Setting option.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and Password.
  • Finally, turn ON the Find My iPhone feature on your device.

What To Do If My Apple Iphone Device Was Stolen Or Lost?

Apple Find My iPhone iCloud Services

How Find My iPhone Works?

You should need to activate the Lost Mode on your Apple device by using Find My iPhone as soon as possible.

Next is important step to lodge a FIR of your losted phone.

Find My iPhone Lost Mode feature disables the screen of your device which is using a four-digit passcode and allows you to send and display a custom message to your device.

Custom messages will be displayed on the device even when you choose to erase your phone or tablet remotely.

To switch on the Lost mode on your device, Sign in to the on the web or use the Find My iPhone app for iOS on another iPhone.

How to make sure that a device does not have the Lock Mode activated?

Sometimes your Apple device is already linked with an Apple ID and Password of the previous owner when you buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from other market other than Apple Authorized Seller or going to buy a used apple device, then you need to check that whether the device you are going to purchase has been erased or not and must not be already linked with an account.

To check the status of the lock activation on your device is to check via the

Another method to check the status of lock feature are given below:
  • First step is to turn on your Apple device.
  • If your device display shows the lock screen, then the chances are that your device has not been fully reset. Ask the seller of the shop to completely erase the Apple device by going to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Begin the process of configuring the device from start.
  • After selecting the language, country and connecting to the Wi-Fi network, the phone will proceed with the activation. If you are asked to enter your Apple ID and Password, then your device is still linked to another Apple account. Ask the seller for the password. Do not accept or buy the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch if it is linked with another Apple account.
  • When it displays the message of "Set up the iPhone", "Configure the iPad" or "Set iPod" screen, then your device is ready to use.

How I Turn Off Find My Iphone Activation Lock?

If you know your Apple ID and Password then you can erase the Activation Lock by performing the following steps:
  • First, sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and Password.
  • Then open Find My iPhone on your Apple device.
  • Choose the device for which you want to unlock the Activation Lock from the All Devices option.
  • Then select Remove Account.
  • Finally, restart the device to start the setup process.

How To Bypass Icloud Lock?

Apple Find My iPhone iCloud Services
Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to bypass the Icloud Lock. The only method to remove it is by erasing the device from Find My iPhone feature or on or by logging by using the Apple ID and Password that was used to set up Find my iPhone.