Hard Reset With ADB Fastboot

Hard Reset or Factory Reset Android Device With ADB Fastboot

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) / Minimal ADB is a Windows PC program that helps you to perform a Hard Reset on your Android Mobile Device.

The following are the steps to perform a Hard Reset of almost every Android Device using the PC software Minimal ADB Fastboot:

Note: You must have a Computer or Laptop running with compatible minimum Windows XP or upgraded versions and USB Debugging must be on before with the adb device drivers install to perform this operation. Without these, you cannot use this tool.

Alright, Let’s Begin...

  • Step 1. Enable USB Debugging on your Mobile Phone. To apply this setting, go to Settings > Applications > Development.

  • Step 3. Make sure that usb driver for your device is installed in the system. You can use ADB Fastboot, download drivers from ADB and Fastboot to install the latest version of desired drivers.

  • Step 4. Now, use a working USB Cable to connect your Android Phone to your computer. Turn ON your ADB device and see if your Android Phone is connected to Windows by Windows Device Manager.

  • Step 5. Run Windows command prompt and go to the ADB Fastboot Tool folder by typing C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

  • Step 6. Type the ADB and Fastboot command "adb reboot recovery". After pressing enter, your Android device will restart and should enter the Android System Recovery / Bootloader Mode screen.

  • Step 7. Now you can disconnect your Android Device from your Computer, then choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset from the Android Recovery Menu.