Android System is a very typical operating system installed with many different modes that makes it interesting to use. Here in this article, you will come to know the different methods of Android Devices.
Different Modes In Android Devices.

What is Hard Reset?

Hard Reset is a process in which Software of Android Phones, Smartphones, Tablets or Apple Devices like iPhones and almost every other electronic gadgets restores to their Stock System Settings or to Stock Android.

By performing Hard Reset, it deletes all the data, settings, passwords and applications installed in the mobile phone.

Hard Reset Function is mostly used to repair a stuck or malfunctioning device or to restore the device to the Stock Android Stage.

Before you perform a Hard Reset, always remember to make a copy of your data or simply backup your data, because this process is irreversible and then recovering of data will not be possible.

What is Soft Reset?

Soft Reset is a method to restart devices such as Android Devices, Tablets or Personal Computers.

This method does not delete data or device settings. It only refreshes the device by cleaning the running processes in the RAM (random access memory).

Soft Reset is commonly used to clear issues like slow functioning of device or android operating system error.

This is the first step everyone uses in solving the problems with their smartphone devices.

Will I Lose Anything If I Do A Hard Reset or Factory Reset?

Hard Reset does not cause any damage or deletes your smartphone’s data.

This feature is only used to restore your smartphone device or any other electronic gadget to the factory new settings.

When To Perform Hard Reset Of The Device?

  • To Erase All Data From Phone.
  • When Forgotten Security Screen Lock Code.
  • When Forgotten Security Password.
  • When Forgotten Pattern Lock.
  • When Forgotten User Code.
  • When Forgotten Phone Lock.
  • When Your Smartphone Stucks To Android Logo or Brand Logo.
  • When Your Smartphone Is Functioning Slow.

Performing Hard Reset In Custom Roms Or Unofficial Softwares Will Cause Any Problems?

There are more chances that after performing this operation, You will have to face a bootloop or other major problems with your smartphone.

What is a Recovery Mode?

Android Recovery Mode is a hidden application installed in android’s boot system that helps you to fix problems and used to install Custom Operating Systems or Stock Android Updates and ROMs by certain instructions or key combinations (volume keys, home key, power key).

In most Android Devices Recovery Mode, you can
  • Fastboot The Device
  • Find More Info About The Device
  • Wipe Data And Cache Of The Device
  • Wipe Internal Memory
  • Used To Root Or Unroot The Device.

The Android Recovery Mode is a very typical process for Android device users, and you can find Recovery Mode in almost every Device.

What is a Download Mode?

Download Mode is a feature on Android Device that is used to Flash Stock Firmware or System Upgrade or System Update.

The Download Mode is widely and mostly used by Samsung Devices and is similar to Fastboot Mode / Bootloader Mode in HTC and Nexus Devices.

Read More about Android Download Mode.

What is a Bootloader Mode?

An Android Smartphone is made up of several partitions in memory, in which one partition holds the Android System Files, another holds all the App Data.

Bootloader is the manager for all those partitions.

Bootloader instructs the System Kernel to boot the Operating System normally from one of these partitions.

The bootloader is usually Locked By The Manufacturers to prevent the Android Devices from the users installing custom operating systems which are not designed for particular devices.

This mode is commonly used in almost every Android Device.

What is a Fastboot Mode?

Fastboot is a special method which is commonly used for updating the flash file system in your device.

Using the fastboot you can modify or flash the file system images using a computer via USB Cable Connection.

It becomes very useful for smartphone users when you want to perform a quick Update of the Firmware or Flashing ROMs without using the Recovery Mode.

You can find Fastboot Mode in every Android Device such as Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Realme, HTC, etc.

What is a Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a stage when you power on your Android Device, iPhone, or any smartphone disabling the Third-party Apps which may be causing error or is malware suspected.

With the Safe Mode On, you can uninstall any of the applications which might be causing any Conflicts, Errors or any Operating System Blips.

What is a Hardware Key Control Mode?

The Hardware Key Control Mode is specially designed and is very useful when the display of your device is damaged or broken or any other issue and you have to attend the important calls.

It allows you to answer the Incoming Calls, End the Calls or Switch Off the Alarms using only the Hardware Keys.

This particular mode is commonly used in LG devices.

What is a Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a special feature in some of the Android Devices running with Android OS 5.1 or higher.

FRP prevents your Android Phone from other people from using and performing a Factory Reset without your permission.

By this feature, Factory Reset is only possible with access to your Google Account Information and screen lock passwords.

What Should I Do If I Have forgotten My Old Nokia Phone’s Password ?

In this case, you should install a new firmware in your device.

This process will restore the factory settings and bypass the password stage, by deleting all your data in your device.